Return Policy


Transbec and DAI – General policies

To make a return, be sure to attach the appropriate documentation to the returned items. A fee equivalent to 15% of the value of the returned items will be deducted from your credit for any return received without documentation and/or with incomplete or non-compliant forms. Please refer to your sales representative before making a return.

For each item returned to one of our warehouses, it is essential to provide the purchase invoice number. If the reference is not provided, we will determine the price that will be credited based on your purchase history. Please note that discontinued wheels that are returned will be credited at the price of $25.00 each.

Returns of new and defective goods must be handled separately. Please use separate forms if you have a mixed return to make. A fee may be deducted from your credit for non-compliance with this policy.

Our approximate lead time to produce a credit, for merchandise returned, is 3 to 5 business days from the date the merchandise was received. You may claim a credit not received within a maximum period of 3 months following the return of the items, upon presentation of your return form signed by your sales representative or one of our counter clerks from one of our branches. Please note that a proof of sending the merchandise back, such as a carrier tracking number, may also be sufficient.

We reserve the right to refuse a returned item. In this case, a mention will be indicated on your credit note. You have 30 days from the date of the credit to recover your refused items. You can request that these items be attached to one of your orders. To do so, it is your responsibility to contact Customer Service when you place your order. Refused items are discarded after a 30 day period.

Direct Auto Import – Additional Policies

Unsuitable wheels
The fit of a wheel on the vehicle must be tested before all boxes are completely opened and, above all, before the tires are mounted on these wheels. To return unsuitable wheels, please submit a request for a Return Goods Authorisation (R.G.A) and specifically identify what does not fit or what the issue is. Upon returning, make sure the wheels are properly packed in their original packaging. We may refuse to issue a credit if the wheels are returned to us in a nonresalable condition. We reserve the right to refuse returns of unsuitable wheels in the event that they are not returned to us in new condition (obvious marks of installation and/or use, valves installed, stuck weights, dirty wheels, etc..).

Defective wheels

In the event of receipt of visually defective or damaged goods, please report this to the delivering carrier (driver) on the proof of delivery confirmation.

Claims for wheels received damaged must be reported to your sales representative or customer service agents within 24 hours of receiving your order. It is important to take photos and send them to your representative to support your request. For any other type of defect, contact your representative to clearly explain the problem. It is important to return only the defective wheel(s) and obtain a replacement order for that/those unit(s). For example, there is no need to return the entire set should only 1 wheel be defective. When returning, make sure that the wheels are properly packed in their original packaging, otherwise you will be charged a repacking fee of $15 per wheel when the credit is issued.

Demonstrator / Display wheels

We offer demonstrator wheels to our customers. These wheels have slight imperfections that do not allow resale but can serve perfectly as display wheels. Demo wheels are priced at $25.00 each. An engraving on the wheel allows us to identify them. These wheels are returnable, but the customer is responsible for paying the shipping costs associated with returning them.

Return of new goods

• Please contact your representative when you need to return new items.
• Products must be new and unused. Any part that has already been installed or any wheel that has already been mounted is not returnable. You must test the fit of a wheel on the vehicle prior to mounting the tire on it.
• Items must be in their original packaging. A re-packing fee equivalent to $15 each for the wheels or 10% of the value of the returned items for all other types of products will be deducted from your credit for any return without the original boxes or in damaged boxes. A
10% cleaning fee may also be charged when returned items require cleaning prior to resale.
• A request for return of new goods (Return Goods Authorisation) must be submitted before making your return. Our annual returns allowance is 5% of the previous year’s purchases. Unused returns from one year cannot be transferred to the next year. We may refuse the
return of discontinued or obsolete items. Our processing time for an authorization request is approximately 2 to 4 business days, with some exceptions.
• A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) must be obtained in writing before merchandise is returned. This authorization is valid for 1 month following its date of issue. A copy of the approved RGA number must be affixed to each returned pallet along with your supporting
• Returns of new goods by carrier must be made at your expense. If you use our pick-up services, you will be charged for transportation costs. Please pay attention to the correct return location on the return authorizations. If the merchandise is not returned to the authorized return location, you will be charged the transport costs for the transfer. For example, if your RGA form indicates to send the goods to our Laval Distribution Center but they are sent to our Ottawa D.C, you will be charged for the freight to transfer the goods back to Laval from Ottawa.
• Any returned merchandise that has been refused or not listed on the RGA will not be credited nor returned to sender. You can pick up these items within 30 days of issuing the credit. After this time, they are discarded.

Return of defective goods

• Please contact your representative when you need to return defective items. The situation will be analyzed and we can arrange pick-up or provide pre-paid labels for a return. We accept returns of defective merchandise at our Laval head office warehouse only.
• Returns of defective goods must be accompanied by the return form duly completed. It is essential to provide a detailed explanation of the defect of each returned item. A fee equivalent to 15% of the value of the returned items will be deducted from your credit if
information is missing.
• Products returned as defective are thoroughly inspected. Any refused item will be indicated on your credit note. You can pick up these items within 30 days of issuing the credit. After this time, they are discarded.

Shipping orders

• If the goods received are damaged or if items are missing from your order, a clear statement must be made on the carrier’s delivery note.
• You must claim missing or damaged goods from your representative or Customer Service Agent within 24 hours of delivery of your order, after which time we may refuse the claim.
• We strongly recommend that you unpack and inspect all parts upon receipt, as some master cases might have multiple items in them.

Additional Notes – Internal Processing

•Approved TRANSBEC RGAs must be emailed to representatives.
•Approved DAI RGAs are emailed directly to customers.

• When the customer enters his invoice reference, the price of this reference is used.
• Otherwise, the price of the last purchase before the return date is used.
• Exceptions when returning large quantities: ensure that the number of items sold is greater than the number of items returned; possibility of crediting at different prices to fill the quantity; always take PTE prices first in these cases.
• Returns RGA: Transport fees charged if location of authorized return not respected.
• Defective returns: We do not charge transport fees.
• New returns: We charge transport fees.
• Mixed returns: We charge transport fees in proportion to the number of new vs defective items.
• Small returns of 10 items or less, returned to satellite warehouses and transferred to Laval for processing: We do not charge transport fees for Transbec nor DAI merchandise.
• We must check if each new wheel returned is Discontinued, according to the file provided and updated by Dino.
• When a wheel is Discontinued, we must validate the current inventory level.
• When the total quantity in inventory is less than 20 units, the wheel is credited at the price of $25.00.

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